Twirl Quilt Pattern by Fig Tree & Co (Printed Pattern)


If you follow along my quilting adventures you might remember that autumn is my favorite far. There is something about fall that is both a beginning and an end, it blooms with all of my favorite colors and the garden is ripe with bounty. This quilt is the best of what autumn means to me. It is a very simple block for any level of quilter that creates movement and the sensation of falling simply by turning it in various directions and offsetting the block rows a bit from one another. I love it when simple changes make such a great impact in a quilt. Perfect to use with a jelly roll or your bucket of scraps!

Styled version of the quilt uses a variety of florals primarily from Honeysweet and Tapestry. Flat versions of the quilt use our Somerset collection.

BLOCK SIZE: (20) 10" finished
QUILT SIZE: app. 66" x 80" finished

(1) Jelly Roll -OR- (20) 2 1/2" strips
1/4 yd. brown floral
4 1/2 yds.
4 1/8 yds.
5/8 yd.