This website has been a dream of mine since the invention of the internet.  My passion for quilting is woven into most everything in my life.  Even my garden was designed like I would design a quilt

I’ve been sewing since the age of nine.  I would sew just about anything I saw.  I remember my dad knocking on my bedroom door at midnight telling me to go to sleep. 

When I was pregnant with my son, Dallin, I took up quilting.  I was making his first baby quilt and sewing on this awful sewing machine.  At 9 months pregnant, my husband went to the credit union and financed a new Bernina 930 for me. 

My quilting career really took off when my husband was transferred to Phoenix and I had the opportunity to work for Laurene Sinema, owner of The Quilted Apple.  Laurene inspired me to teach quilting and Bernina sewing machine classes.  I

Most of all, my mother, Mary, has been my raving fan.  As a child, she always found the money to buy me fabric to support my sewing habit.  For many years, she drove me to private sewing classes.  She is my best friend and my best fan.  She has encouraged and supported me in my website adventure.

Then there is Ben, my husband, who has moved my fabric from state to state because I couldn’t part with it.  And my son, Dallin, who happily carried the hundred boxes of fabric into the new house.   My husband just finished building my new studio to hold my Gammill Statler Stitcher and all of my fabrics.

My desire is to bring you the most beautiful fabrics and ideas to create your own beautiful quilts.  I have to warn you that I have always had a fondness for pastels and floral fabrics.

Thank you for supporting us!  We are here to serve you.