Creative Grids Stripology Mini Quilt Ruler by Gudrun Erla of G.E. Designs

By Checker

The Stripology Squared Mini is the smallest ruler in the Stripology series of rulers. Designed to work with units up to 6-1/2in.

  • Easy to read black and white markings.
  • Whole inch, half inch, and eighth inch increments are included.
  • Markings for 1/8in and 3/8in cuts are included. Turn the ruler around to use the markings for 1/4in and 3/4in cuts.
  • Use the black lines to square up blocks in whole inches up to 6in.
  • Use the white lines to square up blocks in half inches up to 6-1/2in.
  • 1-1/2in cuts are highlighted with black stars.
  • Great for fussy cutting and trimming embroidered blocks. The flexibility of the ruler adjusts for the thickness of the embroidery giving you an accurate trim.
  • Comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions.